Darwin, Northern Territory

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A few past Cases

Criminal Cases (not restricted to Darwin, NT)

Counsel for the Northern Territory Commissioner for Corrections before the Royal Commission into Child Protection


Mr Christopher Deutrom - high profile Elders Real Estate Manager for Fraud

Mick Denigan of Micks Whips fame to defend him against allegations of intending to cause serious harm by shooting.

Mr Basil Contos in relation to the Northern Territorys biggest cannabis importation at 150 kilograms.

Mr Colin Voeuk in relation to the Northern Territory's largest fraud involving a Ponzi scheme in the millions of dollars

The Queen v Gary Steward Miles Murder Trial


"Tall Poppy" (Melbourne AFL Footballer) Liam Jurrah Assault Trial


The "Haritos Murder Trial"


Ali Al-Janabi - People Smuggling trial that became the award winning/ best selling book.


"The People Smuggler - The Oskar Schindler of Asia" by Robin de Crespigny. My role in this case in being written up in one of the chapter.


The Sarah Dawn Rudd's Prison Officer corruption and drugs charges


The Queen v Jasmine Raymond (Murder trial)


The Queen v Leonard Andrew Spencer (Murder trial)


La Castro v The Queen (Extensive appeal regarding 2 alleged sexual assaults trial)


The Queen v Stokes  - "Babensie back packer Murder Trial"


The Thai Crew Trial (the largest drug importation of 99.8% pure heroin into Australia at the time)

Jon has recently regularly appeared in the Court of Criminal Appeal, the Family Court of Australia, The Federal Court of Australia as well as many other Supreme Court Trials involving serious allegations that include the importation of narcotics, sexual assault and allegations of fraud, serious assaults and murders.



International Cases


Angelita Pires Case of alleged attempted murder of two heads of state


Jose Encancauo Murder trial


Royal Commissions


Lindy Chamberlain Royal Commission


Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Royal Commission